14 Jun

5 Smart Ways to Get the Most from Your Product Label

You’re at the store to buy soap and your regular brand isn’t available. Staring at the wall of unfamiliar, but similar products … which do you choose?

If you’re like the average consumer, you’ll make your decision in seconds. You’ve got things to do and other products to buy. You can’t spend all[...]

08 Jun

Security Labels: How Do They Work (And Do You Need Them?)

Nearly any brand can fall victim to counterfeiters, whether it’s the clothes and accessories we wear, the food and drinks we consume, or the electronics we use for work or entertainment. It’s a problem that costs brands worldwide a quarter-trillion dollars annually.

Fortunately, you can fight[...]

31 May

6 Things That Can Affect the Lifespan of Your Label

The right label not only looks great, but stands up well to its environment. The wrong label, however, can fall off, crack, crumble, or lose color. And if any of these things happen, it can be a problem for your brand. As much as companies like to believe that the only thing that buyers care[...]

24 May

Can You Judge a Beer By Its Label? This Local Brewer Says ‘Yes’

What are the ingredients of an amazing beer experience? Barley, hops, and yeast are essential. But for Noon Whistle Brewing Company, it’s not just about taste; there’s a visual and even tactile component to the perfect bottle of beer.

“There are a lot of different beers out there, and people[...]

17 May

The State of Retail Product Marketing [Infographic]

As shelves crowd with competition and options abound online, product marketers are discovering that branding matters just as much as the features and quality of the product itself. Great branding helps consumers decide how a product fits into their lives. And the label on a retail product often[...]

10 May

Ordering Outdoor Labels: How Ink and Materials Impact Performance

When ordering labels for outdoor use, it’s critical to make the right choices in the early steps of the process.

Go in the wrong direction, and you can wind up with a label that fades, peels, or cracks over time — which can potentially impact your product’s performance, create a negative brand[...]

03 May

Why Your Product Label Is Not “Just a Sticker”

Consumers are exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day, and they have an average attention span of 8 seconds.

While you might be putting plenty of time and energy in to the look of your product label to make sure it stands out, are the decisions you make when sourcing the label putting your[...]

27 Apr

Permanent Labels vs. Removable Labels: Why Label Adhesives Matter

There’s a lot more to ”stickiness” than first meets the eye. The type of adhesive used in a label can be the deciding factor in whether the label performs the way you want or whether it turns into a sticky (or not sticky enough) situation.   

23 Mar

Scary-but-True Facts on Counterfeit Goods in America

When people think of “counterfeiting,” they tend to think of counterfeit money. However, there is a hugely lucrative market for counterfeit goods, with cheap knockoffs that attempt to imitate the real thing. Sometimes the imitator is easy to spot, but sometimes they can fool even the savviest[...]

21 Nov

What 50 Years of Experience Can Teach the Label Industry

Like anyone, we always feel good when we hear people saying kind things about us. This story about us is especially gratifying as it not only spotlights our 50-year Anniversary but also shines a light on our own Lori Campbell. We benefit every day from Lori’s leadership and the insights she[...]

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