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2022 Economic Trends to Make You Rethink Your Food Product Labels

If you haven’t refreshed your food product labels in a while, 2022 is the year to do it. Events of the past few years have...

Tags: Food & Beverage Labels

Custom Liquor Labels for Craft Distilleries: Examples and Best Practices

The era when just a few brands dominated liquor sales in the U.S. is rapidly coming to an end. Craft spirits represent just a...

Tags: Food & Beverage Labels, Product Labels

Custom Printed Beer Can Labels: The Perfect Alternative for Craft Brewers

(image source)

The craft beer industry has endured a lot of setbacks since the beginning of the pandemic. Now, another challenge:...

Tags: Food & Beverage Labels, Inventory Management

Case Study: CBD, Cannabis, and Hemp Labels for Serious Dirt Botanics

The cannabis and CBD industries are both more mainstream — and more competitive — than ever before. Currently worth $5.3 billion,...

Tags: Food & Beverage Labels

Coffee Label Ideas to Get Your Customers Buzzing

Coffee was once viewed as a simple commodity in the American market.

But over the past several years, American coffee drinkers...

Tags: Label Design, Food & Beverage Labels

Will Your Label Last? How to Get a Durable Product Label

The life of a label is rarely easy, with labels enduring a ceaseless barrage of attacks.

If it’s not temperature extremes...

Tags: Industrial & Automotive Labels, Understanding Labels, Food & Beverage Labels,

Kombucha Label Ideas to Make Your Product Shine

Motivated by a quest for wellness, openness to new experiences, and appreciation for natural ingredients and traditional...

Tags: Label Design, Food & Beverage Labels

Securing Your Product with Tamper-Proof & Tamper-Evident Labels

Product tampering is a significant problem for brands and consumers worldwide. Nearly every product category can fall prey to...

Tags: Security Labels, Food & Beverage Labels, Health & Personal Care Labels,

Label Roundup: Custom Beer Labels

Beer label design has always been important. But in 2020, most craft beer businesses had to let their branding do their talking...

Tags: Label Design, Food & Beverage Labels, Product Labels

Deciphering the Label: Food Labels

As consumers, we become so accustomed to scanning food and beverage labels while choosing products that we rarely stop to think...

Tags: Food & Beverage Labels

Beyond Labels: Printed Products for Restaurant and Pubs

This has been a crazy year to be in the food and beverage business. Most restaurants, pubs, bars, and cafes throughout the...

Tags: Food & Beverage Labels

Does Your Beer Label Match Your Brand?

Looks aren’t everything. But when you’re a craft beer brand looking to stand out on the shelf, win over new customers, and...

Tags: Food & Beverage Labels, Product Labels

Wine Labels: A History

In the beginning, there was just “wine.” That’s no surprise, considering people started drinking fermented grape juice sometime...

Tags: Label Design, Food & Beverage Labels, Product Labels

5 Freelance Beer Label Designers to Watch

In the craft brewing business, the operative word is “craft.” A craft beer reflects the expertise, passion, and artistry of its...

Tags: Label Design, Food & Beverage Labels, Product Labels

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