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Thinking About Sustainable Labels? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

More and more brands are thinking about sustainable product packaging these days, and for good reasons. Sustainable packaging...

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Eco-Friendly Labels for Environmentally-Conscious Brands

If you’re considering switching to more eco-friendly labels for your products or business, you’re riding a growing wave of...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Label Design, Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Labels: Why Materials Matter

When we think about sustainable products, our thoughts go immediately to the products themselves, often without considering...

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Lean Manufacturing: Where Does Your Label Company Fit In?

Lean manufacturing is all about doing as much as you can with as little as you need. Lean means stripping away wasteful...

Tags: Inventory Management, Sustainability

Custom Labels and Social Awareness

At this moment in history, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that consumers choose products based on more than price,...

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Sustainable Labeling: Moving Beyond Lip Service

Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean floats a gigantic mass of plastic litter covering approximately twice the area of...

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Sustainability in Label Design: What’s the Impact of Your Aesthetics?

When we think about sustainability in custom label or package design, we often think about the physical components of the...

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How to Get Outdoor Equipment Labels That Last

When it comes to enduring the weather, a label is like a person: It sometimes needs assistance to thrive in the great...

Tags: Product Labels, Sustainability

Tips for Creating Product Labels for Recyclable Containers

The evidence shows that consumers are increasingly choosing brands that take their environmental impact seriously. According...

Tags: Product Labels, Sustainability

Permanent Labels vs. Removable Labels: Why Label Adhesives Matter

There’s a lot more to ”stickiness” than first meets the eye. The type of adhesive used in a label can be the deciding factor...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Sustainability

The Label Printers Wins Environmental Awards – TLMI’s Environmental Leadership Award, and the State of Illinois’ Governor’s Sustainability Award

The Label Printers has won two prestigious awards for their efforts in making the company’s operations more environmentally...

Tags: Company News, Sustainability

The Label Printers Wins Environmental Awards

November, 2012

The Label Printers has won two prestigious awards for their efforts in making the company’s operations more...

Tags: Company News, Sustainability

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