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Cosmetic Label Printing: Building the Perfect Label for Your Beauty Brand

After over a year of obscuring ourselves behind masks and computer screens, people are showing their faces to the world again....

Tags: Label Design, Health & Personal Care Labels

Luxury Label Printing: How to Set Your Luxury Product Labels Above the Rest

Whether it’s designer handbags, premium vodka, or top-end electronics, luxury products are aspirational and desirable. And...

Tags: Label Design, Product Labels

Best Practices to Design Custom Labels That Look Incredible (and Perform)

It’s easy to get deeply invested in the look of your custom label. After all the technical decision-making and arduous work...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Label Design

All About Thermal Labels: Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer

Ask your label printer for “thermal labels,” and you’ll probably get an immediate follow-up question: “Do you know which kind...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Label Design

Eco-Friendly Labels for Environmentally-Conscious Brands

If you’re considering switching to more eco-friendly labels for your products or business, you’re riding a growing wave of...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Label Design, Sustainability

Label Roundup: Custom Beer Labels

Beer label design has always been important. But in 2020, most craft beer businesses had to let their branding do their...

Tags: Label Design, Food & Beverage Labels, Product Labels

Custom Label Design Inspiration: Metallic Labels

In a world of plastic, metal signifies tradition, heritage, and craft. And certain metals like gold, silver, and platinum...

Tags: Label Design, Product Labels

10 Product Labels We Love (and Why)

Seen any good product labels lately? While brick-and-mortar retail sales took a COVID-induced plunge this year, label design...

Tags: Label Design, Product Labels

3 Cool Things Digital Printing Can Do for Your Custom Labels

When it comes to some products, consumers are spoiled for choice. Often, whichever product gets noticed first will have a...

Tags: Label Design, Product Labels

5 Expert Tips to Make Your Custom Labels Pop

Never have brands had so many options for creating attention-grabbing custom labels. And the stakes have never been higher....

Tags: Label Design, Product Labels

Wine Labels: A History
August 14, 2020

Wine Labels: A History

In the beginning, there was just “wine.” That’s no surprise, considering people started drinking fermented grape juice...

Tags: Label Design, Food & Beverage Labels, Product Labels

Custom Labels and Social Awareness

At this moment in history, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that consumers choose products based on more than price,...

Tags: Label Design, Sustainability

New Trends in Packaging Design

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. Wise words, but most of us ignore them when choosing products off the shelves of...

Tags: Label Design, Product Labels

Sustainability in Label Design: What’s the Impact of Your Aesthetics?

When we think about sustainability in custom label or package design, we often think about the physical components of the...

Tags: Label Design, Sustainability

Product Packaging Options That Help You Stand Out

We love custom labels. Who doesn’t? When it comes to your product, a well-designed, beautifully performing custom label can...

Tags: Label Design, Product Labels

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