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What Are Piggyback Labels and When Should You Use Them?

Innovation can come in small packages. Such is the case with piggyback labels. These little marvels of engineering are...

Tags: Understanding Labels

Best Practices to Design Custom Labels That Look Incredible (and Perform)

It’s easy to get deeply invested in the look of your custom label. After all the technical decision-making and arduous work...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Label Design

Why the Best Label Printer for Small Business is…a Label Manufacturer

There comes a time when every small business owner thinks, “Why not just buy our own label printer and do our own labels? How...

Tags: Understanding Labels

All About Thermal Labels: Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer

Ask your label printer for “thermal labels,” and you’ll probably get an immediate follow-up question: “Do you know which kind...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Label Design

Create an Attention-Getting Product Display with These 8 Items

Shoppers make decisions in split seconds. Anything that breaks the monotony of row after row of similar packaging can also...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Product Labels

How to Get the Best Labels for Glass Bottles & Plastic Bottles

It may seem silly to sing the praises of a piece of packaging, but bottles allow us to enjoy some of our favorite products.


Tags: Understanding Labels, Product Labels

The Cost of Custom Product Labels: What Impacts Pricing?

Prices vary widely across the custom label printing industry. And it’s not always clear to buyers why such a tiny slip of...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Product Labels

Eco-Friendly Labels for Environmentally-Conscious Brands

If you’re considering switching to more eco-friendly labels for your products or business, you’re riding a growing wave of...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Label Design, Sustainability

3 Inexpensive Brand Protection Strategies That Thwart Counterfeiters

You wouldn’t wait until your house was on fire to purchase insurance. So why would you wait to invest in brand protection...

Tags: Security Labels, Understanding Labels

3 Ways the Right Label Company Can Make Your Business More Efficient

What business doesn’t want to be more efficient?

Efficiency, after all, is one of the keys to business growth. No matter what...

Tags: Understanding Labels

Sticky Issues an Industrial Label Printer Can Help You Avoid

Industrial labels and industrial equipment have at least one thing in common: They both exist to do a job.

Industrial labels...

Tags: Industrial & Automotive Labels, Understanding Labels

Deciphering Labels: Industrial Labels

An industrial environment is replete with hazards: Heavy machinery can exert crushing forces, high-voltage electricity can...

Tags: Industrial & Automotive Labels, Security Labels, Understanding Labels

Ordering Outdoor Labels: How Ink and Materials Impact Performance

Editor's note: An earlier version of this post was published in May of 2018. We've updated the post with additional...

Tags: Industrial & Automotive Labels, Understanding Labels

Deciphering the Label: Electronic Equipment Labels

In addition to doing the things all product labels must do – attract consumers, provide usage instructions, look great –...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Electrical & Electronics Labels

Our Top 8 Label Printing Tips (And Top 5 Resources) From 2020

Everyone loves end-of-year lists. There’s something both captivating and somewhat revealing about looking back and revisiting...

Tags: Understanding Labels

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