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Learn Everything You Never Knew About Labels

Should You Be Printing Your Own Product Labels?

This might seem like an unexpected statement coming from a business called The Label Printers, but here goes: Sometimes it might...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Product Labels

Think Your Product Label Is ‘Just a Sticker?’ Think Again

Consumers are exposed to thousands of brand messages daily as they move about their homes, and virtual spaces. With this...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Product Labels

How to Cut Costs With Your Custom Product Labels

Lately it seems like “the pinch” is just getting more and more painful. On one side is a volatile supply chain and on the other...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Product Labels

The Plain-Language Guide to Federal Cosmetic Labeling Requirements

While there’s no question that cosmetics companies must follow federal guidelines, those rules and regulations are not always...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Health & Personal Care Labels

Can Eco-Friendly Labels Help Your Brand and the Planet?

Can something as small as a product label make a significant impact in the face of the climate crisis? And if so, can switching...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Sustainability

Permanent Labels vs. Removable Labels: Why Adhesives Matter

Believe it or not, there is a science to choosing the right label adhesive. The chemistry of an adhesive will react differently...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Sustainability

Waterproof Labels for Glass Bottles: What You Need to Know

Water and product labels don’t always get along, to say the least.

This can present a major challenge to companies like beverage...

Tags: Understanding Labels

Guide to Pressure Sensitive Labels

When buying labels, you might see references to “pressure sensitive labels.” But what are pressure sensitive labels, exactly?


Tags: Understanding Labels

Ordering Labels: Why Purchasing Shouldn’t Have To Go It Alone

Who is responsible for ordering labels at your organization?

Is it an engineering team that understands the role the label must...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Label Design, Product Labels

My Label Materials Aren’t Available. Now What?

A “perfect storm” of converging factors has transformed previously plentiful raw materials into rare commodities. Combined with...

Tags: Understanding Labels

Will Your Label Last? How to Get a Durable Product Label

The life of a label is rarely easy, with labels enduring a ceaseless barrage of attacks.

If it’s not temperature extremes...

Tags: Industrial & Automotive Labels, Understanding Labels, Food & Beverage Labels,

QR Code vs. Barcode: When and Where to Use Each

QR codes have become nearly as ubiquitous on product labels as conventional barcodes.

But while both technologies are used for...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Label Design, Inventory Management

How the Right Label Printer Can Help You Navigate Supply Chain Volatility

Just when it was starting to feel like the economy was finally getting back to something resembling normal, the global supply...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Inventory Management

Vendor Managed Inventory, Fulfillment, & Distribution for Custom Labels

No matter how carefully you plan, sometimes you just run out of things. And if it’s items like basic office supplies like pens...

Tags: Understanding Labels, Inventory Management

What Are Piggyback Labels and When Should You Use Them?

Innovation can come in small packages. Such is the case with piggyback labels. These little marvels of engineering are...

Tags: Understanding Labels

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