06 Dec

Roll, Sheet, or Stack: What Label Format Is Best for Your Business?

When you buy groceries, the question is “paper or plastic?” At a fast food counter you’ll hear, “For here or to go?” When you order custom labels, before your label printer can finalize your order, they’ll want to know, “Do you want those labels in rolls, sheets, or stacks of cut singles?”


03 Dec

No Kidding: Custom Labels for Children’s Products

As you think about the labels that will bring your brand’s children’s products to life, the first things you might think about are the slobbery, sticky hands that will handle them, the days they will be left out in the cold, sun, rain, and heat, and the tumbles they’ll take as their proud owners[...]

21 Nov

Color Expectations: The Conversations to Have With Your Label Vendor

To a printer, a color is not just a color. The colors we perceive from printed material are the result of the interplay between the ink, the printing technique used, and the surface printed upon. To meet your color expectations, your label printer will have to examine each of these factors with[...]

15 Nov

Seasonal Custom Labels and Making the Most of the Holidays

The stores have put away their spider webs and witch hats and are pulling out the tinsel and wreaths. Holiday marketing is both fun and inescapable for most brands, as companies hope to catch the attention of consumers who are on the hunt for the perfect item.

We know that consumers make [...]

08 Nov

Custom Label Roundup: Hot Sauce Labels Get Spicy

When it comes to custom labels that show off the originality of their brand, revel in irreverent and even ribald humor, and experiment with color, shape, and design – hot sauce labels give craft beer and wine labels a run for their money. If you’re looking for label inspiration for your brand,[...]

01 Nov

Nutrition Fact Labels: What Are the Requirements?

Peek down any grocery aisle. As you watch the shoppers considering their choices, you’ll notice an interesting phenomenon. While many of the shoppers will seem drawn to the striking imagery and bold colors that grace the front of the boxes, bottles, and jars that line the shelves, it’s the back[...]

25 Oct

Tips for Creating Product Labels for Recyclable Containers

The evidence shows that consumers are increasingly choosing brands that take their environmental impact seriously. According to a Nielsen study, 53 percent of millennials say they would be willing to pay more for products that come in environmentally friendly packaging.

When choosing labels for[...]

22 Oct

4 Ways Tamper-Evident Features Add Value to Your Labels

Consumers put their trust in product labels, most without thinking about it too deeply. This trust, however, can easily be abused by fraudsters.

Brands need ways to protect their labels from misuse, protect the integrity of their products, and preserve the confidence of their buyers.


11 Oct

4 Simple Ways to Reduce Custom Label Costs

Who doesn’t want to save money on their custom labels? Every penny you can shave off of the cost of your labels is a penny you can reinvest into your business. But is there really any wiggle room on label costs?

04 Oct

Labeling Guidelines for Electronics: What You Should Know

From the smartphone in your pocket, to the lamp above your head, to all the microchips, transistors, and wires that provide power, movement, and function to the consumer and industrial devices that make modern life and work possible, electronics are everywhere. And with each device and its[...]

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