14 Nov

How to Use Custom Labels During the Holidays

The holidays are a fun label design challenge. Can your brand convey the warmth and joy of the season without dipping too far into cliché and sentimentality?

Holiday label design is all about achieving the perfect balance of traditionalism (holly sprigs and snowflakes), silliness (Santa Claus[...]

07 Nov

The Label Printers Employee Spotlight: Ray Esquivel, Jim Galto, and Duane Welch

At The Label Printers, we’re not just proud of the work we do for our clients – we’re proud of our people, too.

When you place a custom label order with us, the job passes through the hands of many of our experienced, dedicated professionals. So, we figured it was time for you to meet some of[...]

04 Nov

Are Clear Labels the Clear Choice for Your Business?

The rich deep amber of fine aged whiskey. The hazy gold of craft-brewed ale. The silky, shimmering whiteness of luxury skin cream. The crystal-clear purity of artesian spring water.

Some products do their own visual marketing, with gorgeous colors imbued by nature and time that would be a crime[...]

24 Oct

Meet the Press: What Is Offset Printing?

The days of Gutenberg – when printing presses were straightforward, hand-operated devices – are long behind us. In the modern era, the typical commercial printer’s factory floor is populated by sophisticated automated machinery that can churn out high-quality printed products in volumes and at[...]

18 Oct

Custom Labels – Let’s Talk About Price.

We love answering questions about custom labels at the Label Printers. We’re always happy to talk about the latest trends in label design and the most recent developments in brand protection. And it’s a true joy to walk customers through the operation of our printing technology.

There is one[...]

10 Oct

Why Thinking in 3D Is a Must for Custom Label Printing

Before you start planning the look of your next custom label, take a moment to think about where it will ultimately reside, whether on a bottle, box, can, or other surfaces. What do you notice? Curves, bumps, ridges — in short, dimensionality.

Custom labels are flat pieces of paper or film.[...]

04 Oct

Custom Label Roundup: Household Product Labels

It’s not easy being a custom label on a household product.

Items such as cleansers, dish soap, laundry detergent, and air fresheners are subjected to some of the harshest conditions a product can encounter. Damp bathrooms, musty cabinets, and cold cellars are all common storage areas for[...]

26 Sep

Custom Label Printing for Challenging Applications

“Why do you ask so many questions?” We admit it might be a little disorienting to experience for the first time the questions that a label sales professional asks. Our people are inquisitive.

There’s a reason for the in-depth questioning, however, and it’s not only because we really like our[...]

23 Sep

Custom Label Highlight: Extended Content Labels

With some products, you may need or want to put a large amount of information on a small label. But how do you make it work without reducing your font size to the point of illegibility?

Fortunately, in a three-dimensional world, there’s no reason to restrict our product labels to two dimensions.[...]

16 Sep

Retail and RFID Labels: What You Need to Know

While browsing your favorite retailer’s website, you see a pair of boots you’d love to have. But your foot shape is tough to fit, so you prefer to buy in-store so you can try on a couple of sizes.

The thing is, you know from experience that brick-and-mortar stores do not always carry the same[...]

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