Create an Attention-Getting Product Display with These 8 Items

By The Label Printers on May 6, 2021

Create an Attention-Getting Product Display with These X Items

Shoppers make decisions in split seconds. Anything that breaks the monotony of row after row of similar packaging can also break into a potential customer’s consciousness, inspiring them to reach for your product over a competitor’s.

An eye-catching product display at the point of purchase might be just what your brand needs to establish a critical mass of new fans.

But what are your options? Where do you start? In this blog, we’ll dive in to your many options and choices, so you can more confidently decide what will work (and what really isn’t necessary) for your specific products.

Let’s get started by looking at your actual product:

Product Display Materials for Attaching to Your Product

Display elements that attach to your product can be purely decorative, informational, or a mix of both. Regardless of their function, these features draw the eye by providing something consumers don’t expect: a third dimension. Shoppers are so accustomed to seeing in two dimensions – flat labels, flat packaging, flat advertising – that even a touch of depth can set your item apart.


Coupons are the classic attention-getting product packaging add-on. You can attach coupons for discounts and special offers to your product using a variety of options, from a simple removable coupon leaving behind no residue, to a combination coupon plus printed leave-behind to further maximize your label’s real estate.


Want to include a lot of information in a small space? A common product display element is called an extended content label. Extended content labels use the magic of folding to condense pages of written information into relatively small formats, allowing you to add multiple language requirements, share recipes, tell stories, describe ingredients, and provide complicated usage instructions while preserving valuable label real estate for other purposes.

Extended content labels can be small booklets, foldouts, or leaflets. They can attach to your product with adhesive, loops of elastic, or string. Whatever they look like and however they’re formatted, extended content labels bring dramatic dimensionality and the irresistible allure of bonus content to your product display.

Bottle Neckers and Hangtags

Wine brands face a common challenge: In a sea of similar bottles, how do you stand out and entice someone to turn away from their usual choice?

An attractive wine label can clearly differentiate a bottle from similarly priced alternatives, but so can other features, such as hangtags and bottle neckers (cardboard hangers that loop around the bottle’s neck).

Wine, beer, and spirits brands have discovered that hangtags and bottle neckers are the ideal locations to showcase awards, promote discounts, and share cocktail recipes.

Another advantage of this type of display product is that they can be swapped in and out easily without changing your label or product packaging (allowing you to run seasonal marketing campaigns without printing a new batch of product labels, for example).

Product Display Materials for Retail Store Shelves

There are few more powerful ways to connect with consumers than reaching them at the moment they’re making a buying decision. Point-of-purchase displays installed on and around retail shelves can help guide buyers toward your product in that most crucial instant.

Shelf Danglers

Shelf danglers are so called because they dangle out in front of a line of products on a shelf. Danglers are typically made from stiff plastic that stay in place by plugging into the pricing strip that lines most retail shelves.

You might also hear danglers referred to as “wobblers” due to their propensity to jiggle when bumped or touched. This little bit of movement combined with a three-dimensional dangle makes for a hard-to-miss retail display.

Shelf Strips

You can also use the pricing strip itself as marketing space – provided the retailer agrees to it, of course.

Shelf strips clip into the rails that typically run above and below store shelves. Their length and narrow width help brands make an impression through the power of repetition. Shelf strips are a great place to debut a new logo or drill a brief slogan deep into your buyers’ minds.

Product Display Materials for Standalone Displays

Aside from what’s on the shelves, there are other ways to reach consumers when they’re in the mood to buy.

Depending on your strategy, budget, and design aesthetic, you can choose to deploy these elements one by one or tie them together into a cohesive promotional program that sees graphics and branding follow customers from the product packaging itself, to the shelves, to store displays such as endcaps, and all the way out the door of the store.

Table Tents

Table tents are self-supporting cardboard structures you can pop up in your brewpub or tasting room to promote special offers, describe flights of beer or wine, list your menu items, or advertise upcoming events.

Window Clings

Window clings or decals reach customers before they even enter the retail space. This type of clear label can be applied to the inside of a window, safe from the elements but facing outward. Retailers like window clings because they don’t use sticky adhesives. Instead, they derive their holding force from surface tension and peel off without leaving a trace.

Window clings also work well on or around the entrances to beer coolers.

Floor Graphics

The floor may be the final frontier when it comes to retail display design. Shoppers look down more than you may think, so why let all that unused space go to waste? A fun way to use floor graphics is to provide customers a walking path toward your products.

Floor graphics should be durable enough to withstand endless foot traffic and nonslip to prevent injuries.

Can Your Label Printer Also Provide Product Display Materials?

The short answer: Yes.

The longer answer: Many of the techniques and equipment required to print product labels can also be used to print most of the product display materials featured in this article. This might make your label printer the perfect partner in devising and creating high-quality product displays.

Even if your label printer can’t do it all, they can often work with their trade partners to produce the specialized display products you need, saving you the hassle of managing multiple vendors. An experienced label printer speaks the language of printing and will be able to extract the best-looking and highest-performing work from outsourced vendors.

Plus, your label printer already has access to your brand assets – colors, graphics, logos, and so on – and can make sure your brand image stays consistent from one printer to another.

The result is a more efficient process, fewer headaches, and a unified approach to in-store marketing. A good label printer with solid quality credentials and supporting infrastructure can also save you the fulfillment headache by preparing a full retail display package to you in a single kit, complete with product labels, shelf markings, window clings, floor graphics, and whatever else you need to surprise and delight customers exactly when they’re primed to buy.

Let’s talk about your product display needs. Get in touch with the Label Printers today.

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