04 Jun

Sustainability in Label Design: What’s the Impact of Your Aesthetics?

When we think about sustainability in custom label or package design, we often think about the physical components of the label or packaging. Is the label made from recycled paper? Can the packaging be reused?

These are important questions to ask. But there’s a growing sense that a designed[...]

21 May

How Our Business Stays Safe and Continues to Serve During COVID-19

As many of our friends and family members have found themselves confined at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees of the Label Printers continue to come into work, and the custom labels keep rolling off our equipment.

Most people might not think of labels when considering essential[...]

14 May

Product Packaging Options That Help You Stand Out

We love custom labels. Who doesn’t? When it comes to your product, a well-designed, beautifully performing custom label can completely elevate your brand – and your sales.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t let you know about some other amazing options when it comes to your product packaging. As it[...]

23 Apr

How NFC Labels Boost Your Product Marketing

What do almost all your customers have in common? They probably have a smartphone within arm’s reach. The Pew Research Center says 81% of Americans carry a smartphone. And when you look at the generations of people under 50, smartphone users make up over 90% of the population.

Now, what do all[...]

16 Apr

Anatomy of a Custom Label

There’s more to a custom label than meets the eye. While the average label is hair-thin, it’s made up of a surprising number of layers. Many of these layers presents different choices to you, the customer. And the choices you make for each layer can significantly affect how your label looks and[...]

09 Apr

Shifting to E-Commerce: What Labels Will You Need?

A shift away from traditional retail has been underway for a while now as consumers of all generations embrace the convenience and savings of e-commerce. But the coronavirus pandemic has made many brick-and-mortar stores scramble to get their e-commerce storefronts up and running.

And while[...]

26 Mar

Custom Label Printing and Complex Jobs

“How are we going to make this happen?”

Every creative idea has eventually bumped up against this question. You can see the finished product in your mind, you know exactly what you want it to do and look like … but is it even possible?

We’ve bumped into that question too.

19 Mar

5 Freelance Beer Label Designers to Watch

In the craft brewing business, the operative word is “craft.” A craft beer reflects the expertise, passion, and artistry of its maker, with enthusiasts prizing each brewer’s individuality.

The “craft” aspect of a craft beer doesn’t end with taste and mouthfeel, though. There’s a visual component[...]

05 Mar

Custom Label Design Inspiration: The 1980s

“The past is never dead,” wrote William Faulkner in an oft-quoted line. “It’s not even past.”

Nostalgia is among the most powerful and universal human emotions. According to a recent YouGov study:

  • 9 out of 10 people say they think fondly about the past at least occasionally.
  • Almost half of[...]
27 Feb

The Label Printers Employee Spotlight: Norma Ruacho

Norma Ruacho works with one eye on the production schedule and one eye on the labels. Norma’s slitter/rewinder is the last stop for many orders at The Label Printers, right before final packaging and shipping. Her triple mission: to keep an eye on the overall quality of the label, ensure that[...]

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