25 Apr

10 Chicago Food and Beverage Items with Great Labels

Chicagoans have been innovating with food and drink since the day it occurred to someone to put the sauce on top of a pizza. The nation’s third-largest city is a food capital, but Chicago’s gastronomic delights aren’t limited to its classic neighborhood joints and Michelin-starred eateries.


18 Apr

How Do You Choose a Supplier Partner?

Having been in customer- or client-facing roles throughout my career, I’ve lost track of the number of times that I have been asked some version of “Why should we choose to work with you over your competitors?”

I always take this question seriously. For one thing, it rarely is asked until a[...]

11 Apr

Checklist: How to Create a Print-Ready File

There’s a feeling of satisfaction when you submit a file to a printer and receive, “That’s perfect – thanks!” as a response. Unfortunately, some label vendors may not make their file requirements clear up front, resulting in a frustrating back-and-forth discussion that can push timelines further[...]

28 Mar

Buying Custom Labels for Handmade Items

If nearly $2 billion in sales on Etsy (and growing) is any indication, the market for handcrafted goods is only gaining momentum. In the age of rising automation and mass production, many consumers crave the distinctive authenticity and uniqueness of handcrafted items.

To stand out in a growing[...]

22 Mar

Label Elements: Will Your Logo Look Good on Your Label?

If you’re launching a new brand (or refreshing an old one), the look of your logo isn’t merely a decorative decision. Your logo is the encapsulation of the values and feelings that your brand stands for.

Designing a new logo can be a thrilling creative opportunity. But as you do it, we encourage[...]

14 Mar

Is DIY Label Design a Smart Idea?

No one who works for a small business holds just one role. Chances are, everyone’s necks are sore from supporting the weight of multiple hats. But when it comes to graphic design, should someone on your team try to add that hat to their stack, or should you seek outside help?

08 Mar

The Clear Picture on Custom Window Decals

From windshields to storefronts, windows present prime opportunities for labels, stickers, and signs. Windows draw the eye naturally — we want to see what’s inside or outside. As light streams in or out, it brings window-based labels and signs to life.

Window stickers, decals, and clings are[...]

28 Feb

5 Modern Design Trends to Use With Your Product Label

Maybe your product label design hasn’t changed since your company used rotary phones and it’s time for a new look. Or, you might be creating a brand-new label and need some help with your vision.

Why not take inspiration from the latest creative insights from leading graphic and industrial[...]

21 Feb

Ordering Custom Labels: What to Expect

Maybe you need labels for a new product release, or you want to refresh the look of an existing product. Maybe you need warning labels or instructive labels to help users make the most of your products safely. Maybe you’re looking to advertise a sale, identify visitors to a museum, or[...]

14 Feb

Mood Matters: Does Your Label Match Your Branding?

Marketing experts will tell you that a brand isn’t something you own. A brand is the sum total of people’s perceptions of a product or company, meaning that your company’s brand lives in the minds and hearts of your customers and potential customers. But with every word, image, and product you[...]

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