01 Aug

3 Takeaways from Beer Advocate’s Spotlight on Label Designers

A new generation of innovative brewers usually – and deservedly – gets the glory for expanding the palates of beer nerds and everyday consumers with artisanal hops, botanical ingredients, and barrel aging.

But let’s take a moment to wonder where the current craft brew craze would be without the[...]

25 Jul

A Brief History of Printing Presses – Part 3: The Industrial Revolution

When thinking about the history of printing, the Gutenberg Bible often comes to mind (or China, if you’ve read Part 1 in this series). But what about all the developments that have happened since then?

Today’s presses can print more words in one second than even a 17th-century printshop could[...]

18 Jul

Marijuana Labeling: What’s New, What’s Needed

On Jan. 1, 2020, Illinois will officially become the next state in the nation to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes. The change comes as a result of the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act (CRTA), a bill passed by the state General Assembly in May and signed into law by[...]

11 Jul

Food Labels and Agricultural Product Tracking

The globalization of agriculture has its advantages. For one, it allows us to eat strawberries year-round. It also helps farmers reach far-flung new markets. The downside, though, is most of us have no ideas where our meals originate.

02 Jul

Social Media and Brand Protection

Social media is fertile ground for the rapid spread of fake information – and it’s also become a hotspot for buying and selling counterfeit goods.

27 Jun

A Brief History of Printing Presses – Part 2: Gutenberg

Ask anyone in the western world what they know about the history of printing, and it’s a sure bet that – if they know anything at all – they’ll start with Johannes Gutenberg. In Europe and North America, Gutenberg’s name is not only synonymous with the early history of the printing press, but[...]

20 Jun

Custom Label Roundup: Energy Drink Labels

When it comes down to it, most energy drinks do the same thing: deliver a caffeine-powered jolt of stamina. But the way brands truly stand out in the crowded energy drink market is by promoting a lifestyle.

If all you want is a rush of adrenaline to get you through a night of studying or a[...]

13 Jun

How to Get Outdoor Equipment Labels That Last

When it comes to enduring the weather, a label is like a person: It sometimes needs assistance to thrive in the great outdoors. When the temperatures drop below freezing, we put on insulated winter coats. When the summer sun is blazing, we don our shades and slather on sunscreen.

In short, we[...]

30 May

Product Labeling in Marketing: What Drives Buying Decisions?

What’s in a food product label? A product with any other packaging would taste just as good, right? Well, not exactly.

Taste, touch, sight, and smell are all intertwined in a complex web of interactions science is just starting to unravel. Recent research has shown that the impressions we get[...]

23 May

A Brief History of Printing Presses - Part 1: China

It’s hard to imagine (and easy to forget) that there was ever a time civilization functioned without printing.

By making it easier, cheaper, and faster to copy and disseminate information, printing enlightened the world. It broke down barriers of knowledge between the educated, wealthy few and[...]

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