25 Oct

Tips for Creating Product Labels for Recyclable Containers

The evidence shows that consumers are increasingly choosing brands that take their environmental impact seriously. According to a Nielsen study, 53 percent of millennials say they would be willing to pay more for products that come in environmentally friendly packaging.

When choosing labels for[...]

22 Oct

4 Ways Tamper-Evident Features Add Value to Your Labels

Consumers put their trust in product labels, most without thinking about it too deeply. This trust, however, can easily be abused by fraudsters.

Brands need ways to protect their labels from misuse, protect the integrity of their products, and preserve the confidence of their buyers.


11 Oct

4 Simple Ways to Reduce Custom Label Costs

Who doesn’t want to save money on their custom labels? Every penny you can shave off of the cost of your labels is a penny you can reinvest into your business. But is there really any wiggle room on label costs?

04 Oct

Labeling Guidelines for Electronics: What You Should Know

From the smartphone in your pocket, to the lamp above your head, to all the microchips, transistors, and wires that provide power, movement, and function to the consumer and industrial devices that make modern life and work possible, electronics are everywhere. And with each device and its[...]