28 Jun

Labels at Work: Industrial and Durable Labels

From large safety warnings to tiny UL marks, industrial labels cover a range of sizes, but they all have one thing in common: They need to be tough.

The industrial environment can be punishing on a label. Heat, cold, grit, oil, chemicals, rough handling — an industrial label has to endure it[...]

21 Jun

Head Start: Why Ordering Labels Early Is a Smart Move

Launching a new product means a lot of excitement, and a lot of tasks on the to-do list: Development, manufacturing, and marketing and distribution are just the tip of the iceberg. Labels are on that to-do list as well, but the question is: How far down the list are they? How much lead time [...]

14 Jun

5 Smart Ways to Get the Most from Your Product Label

You’re at the store to buy soap and your regular brand isn’t available. Staring at the wall of unfamiliar, but similar products … which do you choose?

If you’re like the average consumer, you’ll make your decision in seconds. You’ve got things to do and other products to buy. You can’t spend all[...]

08 Jun

Security Labels: How Do They Work (And Do You Need Them?)

Nearly any brand can fall victim to counterfeiters, whether it’s the clothes and accessories we wear, the food and drinks we consume, or the electronics we use for work or entertainment. It’s a problem that costs brands worldwide a quarter-trillion dollars annually.

Fortunately, you can fight[...]