08 Nov

Custom Label Roundup: Hot Sauce Labels Get Spicy

By Kevin Crimmins

Custom Label Roundup: Hot Sauce Labels Get Spicy

When it comes to custom labels that show off the originality of their brand, revel in irreverent and even ribald humor, and experiment with color, shape, and design – hot sauce labels give craft beer and wine labels a run for their money. If you’re looking for label inspiration for your brand, take a stroll through your local grocer’s hot sauce aisle – or better yet, the next hot sauce expo, chili contest, or “saucetoberfest” in your area.

Will you be able to resist taking a few bottles home? We hope not!

Here are some of our favorite custom labels from the world of scorching peppers, fiery spices, and tongue-numbing deliciousness:

The Inked Up

The Inked Up Label

(Image source)

Brand: Jak Jeckel

Sauce: Gourmet Pepper Sauce

Hot sauce lovers (aka, “chiliheads”) can be an offbeat bunch with edgy tastes in cuisine and fashion. Jak Jeckel’s flagship Gourmet Pepper Sauce nods toward its free-spirited fans with a tattoo-like spin on Day of the Dead imagery.

The Medicinal Purposes Only

Medicinal Purposes Only Label

(Image source)

Brand: Professor Phartpounders

Sauce: Colon Cleaner

This mustard-based concoction scores top marks on review sites. But the label’s retro snake-oil design paired with juvenile humor make it a collector’s item even for those of us who are too scared to try a drop.

The Headbanger

Headbanger Label

(Image Source)

Brand: Born to Hula

Sauce: Reaper of Sorrow

The demon that adorns this wicked brew made with the Carolina Reaper pepper (the hottest pepper on Earth!) wouldn’t be out of place on a Slayer album cover.

The Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Lethal Ingestion Label

(Image source)

Brand: Cajohns

Sauce: Lethal Ingestion

For the daredevils among us, there’s something irresistible about things that are off limits. This excruciatingly hot sauce rewards the bold who defy its toxic warning label.

The Existential Anguish

Pain Is Good Label

(Image source)

Brand: Pain Is Good

Sauce: Louisiana Style Batch #218

The plain paper labels of this line of hot sauces may as well feature a mirror. The agonized faces reflect what you’ll look like if you sprinkle a little too much of this sauce on your scrambled eggs.

The Cuddly Friend

Secret Aardvark Label

(Image source)

Brand: Secret Aardvark

Sauce: Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

Hot sauce labels don’t need to be all skulls and mushroom clouds. This Portland-area cult classic features a curious aardvark poking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

The Infographic


(Image source)

Brand: Adoboloco

Sauce: Hamajang Smoke Ghost Pepper

This Hawaiian hot sauce brand makes the most of its wraparound label, throwing a heat meter and map alongside the usual list of ingredients.

The Less Is More

Whitehouse Station Labels

(Image source)

Brand: Whitehouse Station

Sauce: Jalapeno Sauce

We’ll give your eyeballs a soothing rest (but maybe not your taste buds) with the minimalist approach from the father-son team at Whitehouse Station. All their sauces feature an elegant image of their main ingredient.

The Clásico

El Yucateco Label

(Image source)

Brand: El Yucateco

Sauce: Green Habanero Hot Sauce

El Yucateco is an iconic hot sauce brand from south of the border. This label uses striking yellow and red to draw a contrast against the green sauce.

 The…Wait, That’s Not Hot Sauce

Rogue Label

(Image source)

Brand: Rogue

“Sauce”: Sriracha Hot Stout Beer

There’s plenty of crossover between chiliheads and hops enthusiasts. Both groups love trying new things, taking risks (flavor-wise), and quirky labels. For this brew, Rogue Ales and hot sauce legend Sriracha figured, “Why not combine the two?”

Feeling Inspired Yet?

We hope these labels got you thinking about a new look for your hot sauce brand. Want to know how to make sure your hot sauce labels stand up to as much abuse as the sauce dishes out to your customers? Download our free Custom Label Buying Guide today.

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