Why Custom Stickers Make Great Swag

By Kevin Crimmins on December 5, 2019

Why Custom Stickers Make Great Swag

Everybody loves a sticker.

As kids, we plastered our favorite cartoon characters over our lunchboxes and binders. A few years later, we decorated the inside of our lockers with our favorite bands.

Even adults can’t resist the allure of a sticker. Scan any coffee shop where people are working, and you’ll see laptops, phones, and water bottles festooned with brand logos, conference memorabilia, and political slogans.

Stickers are, and always have been, cool. For such a small – and affordable – bit of plastic, paper, and adhesive, a custom sticker might be the ultimate form of marketing swag.

5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Stickers

Custom stickers are more than just tiny pieces of fun. Stickers are worthwhile marketing investments that can pay back their (minimal) costs many times over. Here are a few reasons to consider buying custom stickers to promote your brand or event:

1. Stickers Are Sticky

It’s right there in the name. Once someone affixes a sticker to a surface, the sticker tends to stay there (assuming it’s made with materials that were meant to last).

Custom stickers transform everyday objects into roving billboards with reach into spaces other marketing channels can rarely access. Every conference attendee who slaps your sticker on their travel mug becomes your brand ambassador, representing your event at every meeting they attend for perhaps years to come.

Why don’t people throw out or ignore stickers like they do other forms of advertising? Because people don’t see stickers as advertising but as personal endorsements.

2. People Want Stickers

Some giveaway stickers are so popular, consumers are willing to buy them from resellers. The social media profiles of brands such as Hero Cosmetics and Glossier buzz with interest from young buyers eager to express themselves with new stickers.

But stickers aren’t just for millennials and Gen Z.

People of all ages decorate with stickers for the same reason they wear fan gear or clothes that flaunt the logo of a name-brand designer. We like being associated with certain brands; we feel it says something about who we are, the communities we belong to, and the values we hold.

3. Stickers Can Show Off Your Brand’s Creative Flair

Custom stickers offer as many opportunities to highlight your brand’s singular style as product labels.

Stickers can be cut to any shape you want using die-cutting technology. You can choose traditional circles, ovals, squares, or rectangles, or go with something unique. A well-equipped printer will be able to offer you a full range of fonts and colors for your stickers, as well as clear or opaque backgrounds.

Looking for design inspiration? This rundown of examples touches on every current design trend, from minimalist to retro, elegant to quirky.

4. Stickers Are Versatile

Stickers are excellent handouts, and due to their light weight and small size, stickers can be distributed any number of ways. You can drop them in envelopes with mailings, stack them next to cash registers, tuck them away in gift bags, or even use them to replace traditional business cards.

5. Stickers Are Affordable

When you consider the marketing value of custom stickers – permanent, mobile advertising with an implicit personal endorsement – the ROI is astounding, especially when compared to other printed channels.

For a relatively small amount of money, you can purchase thousands of stickers from a custom printer. Factors that determine the cost of your custom stickers will include:

  • The materials you choose.
  • The range of colors you require.
  • The shape of your sticker (standard or die-cut).
  • Your choice of format: sheets or rolls. Rolls are ideal if you intend to distribute individual stickers by hand. Sheets are a good option for giving out multiple stickers.

Get Stuck on Custom Stickers

There are plenty of services that will print stickers for you. But to go beyond the basic shapes and colors and create a collectible-quality sticker your brand’s fans will display with pride, you’ll need a label printer with years of experience, expertise, and the right mix of equipment and resources.

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