06 Jun

The Challenges of Pharmaceutical Labeling

By Lori Campbell

This recent article in Label and Narrow Web magazine summarizes the March Pharma Labeling Compliance Conference.  The comments from some of the speakers accurately capture the myriad challenges and risks in developing pharma labeling. 

Interesting to  note, however, was the lack of the label converter role and perspective in the development process.  Understandably the focus at the conference appears to revolve around the complexities of compliance and risk of recall.  However, there is much more to the label development process than text and graphics.  We have seen firsthand the unnecessary delays and unintended cost implications that arise AFTER the label artwork and specification have been signed, sealed, and delivered to the label converter to produce finished labels.  Over and over again these issues could be avoided if the converter is brought to the table early on the development process.  I'm just sayin'....



Lori Campbell
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