23 Jan

Product Label Printing Trend: Waterproof Stickers

Water: Cool, refreshing, essential … and very, very destructive. The rain that falls from the sky nourishes crops, keeps rivers flowing, and shreds paper to pulp.

Water can be a product label’s archnemesis. But the destructive power of moisture can be defeated. Just like you put on a raincoat[...]

26 Sep

Custom Label Printing for Challenging Applications

“Why do you ask so many questions?” We admit it might be a little disorienting to experience for the first time the questions that a label sales professional asks. Our people are inquisitive.

There’s a reason for the in-depth questioning, however, and it’s not only because we really like our[...]

13 Jun

How to Get Outdoor Equipment Labels That Last

When it comes to enduring the weather, a label is like a person: It sometimes needs assistance to thrive in the great outdoors. When the temperatures drop below freezing, we put on insulated winter coats. When the summer sun is blazing, we don our shades and slather on sunscreen.

In short, we[...]

10 May

Ordering Outdoor Labels: How Ink and Materials Impact Performance

When ordering labels for outdoor use, it’s critical to make the right choices in the early steps of the process.

Go in the wrong direction, and you can wind up with a label that fades, peels, or cracks over time — which can potentially impact your product’s performance, create a negative brand[...]