30 May

Product Labeling in Marketing: What Drives Buying Decisions?

What’s in a food product label? A product with any other packaging would taste just as good, right? Well, not exactly.

Taste, touch, sight, and smell are all intertwined in a complex web of interactions science is just starting to unravel. Recent research has shown that the impressions we get[...]

23 May

A Brief History of Printing Presses - Part 1: China

It’s hard to imagine (and easy to forget) that there was ever a time civilization functioned without printing.

By making it easier, cheaper, and faster to copy and disseminate information, printing enlightened the world. It broke down barriers of knowledge between the educated, wealthy few and[...]

16 May

Custom Labels and the Vintage Look

Vintage, retro, throwback, old-timey – call it what you want, but people have been looking to the past for as long as there has been a past to look back to. Vintage design elements evoke qualities like durability and tradition. They may bring us back to our childhoods, when life was simpler (or[...]

10 May

Does Your Event Need Promotional Stickers?

Remember when you were a kid and you plastered stickers of your favorite cartoon characters all over your lunchbox? Even as an adult, you may decorate your car’s bumper with the slogans of causes you support or the logos of teams you root for.

People of all ages use stickers as shorthand for who[...]

02 May

What Custom Labels Does a Craft Brewery Need?

A memorable craft beer isn’t just about taste. With so many craft beers lining store shelves, it takes a certain visual flair to stand out. Some of the world’s most celebrated craft brewers are also among the most creative label designers, with looks that are funny, artistic, vintage, and[...]